• “The instrumental sets create a big, full sound – the piano / pipes / fiddle / guitar combination being very reminiscent of the Battlefield Band.”

    - Paul Matheson, fRoots Magazine

    • “The second album from Glasgow-based Barluath finds their now six-piece line-up playing with confidence from steady road work, creating an instrumental powerhouse on the uptempo tunes and lending both enthusiastically energetic and sensitive vocal and instrumental accompaniments to Ainsley Hamill’s singing in Gaelic and English.”

      - Rob Adams, Sunday Herald

      • “Every now again something fresh and exciting comes along. So, welcome Barluath, six young musicians who play a diverse set of instruments and give us song both in English and Gaelic.

        This album deserves to be the dawning of a new day for Barluath, who have not just produced a mixture of songs and tunes but have produced and album of taste and quality music.”

        - Ian Leith, Scottish Memories Magazine

        • “Occasionally, you come across and album like Barluath’s second album, At Dawn of Day, that you feel an affinity with from the first introduction; an affinity which develops into a deep liking and admiration the more you get to know them.

          It’s as though a whole evening’s gig has been condensed into a single CD. The musicianship throughout is exemplary; not just at a technical level but also in the sensitivity of the playing and the balance between the instruments.”


          - Tim Goodwin, Fatea Magazine

          • “I never get tired of saying, with this band, our tradition is in very safe hands.”

            - Liz Clarke at the Danny Kyle Showcase concert, 18th January 2013

            • “Barluath is a new folk band of virtuosos who can mix the lyrical and boisterous with absolute mastery. If you like The Chieftains, Boys of the Lough, and the Tannahill Weavers, you’ll find much to enjoy in this disc. They have played mostly in Scotland, but they found time to visit Washington, DC, for two performances. If they come back to the US, I’d like to be among the lucky people who hear them!”

              - Rad Bennett, October 2012, review of "Source"

              • “Barluath took to the stage with ease and confidence, unfazed by the full auditorium. Despite there being many a national dress wearer in the audience, the band didn’t opt for tartan or kilts and instead were stylishly dressed, giving traditional a more modern twist . . . If I had any criticisms of this wonderful evening that left me feeling brimming with national pride it would be the lack of dance floor, as Barluath’s uplifting album tracks deserve much more than a clap of the hands and a tap of the foot.”

                - Rachel McHard, September 2012 - review of debut album launch

                • “One of life’s great pleasures is witnessing the creation of something new.

                  So has it been with Barluath. I’ve had the pleasure of watching these talented players coming together as a band and sharing their individual fortes to create this unique ensemble.

                  They breathe new life into old songs and tunes and bring new compositions to the table with great flair and passion.”

                  - P.C. (Phil Cunningham Aug 2012)

                  • “We had to have them back!”

                    - Linlithgow Folk Festival

                    • “Ainsley Hamill’s stirring voice could compete with anyone at Celtic Connections and with Eddie Seaman on whistle, Alistair Iain Paterson on keyboards, the group were a class act……..Colin’s banter also went down well.”

                      - Pat Byrne, 2nd February 2010 (Review of Barluath performance at Partick Folk Club in Feb 2010)